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Who We Are

We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus, so we work the Ministerial Alliance of Mound City, The Mound City Nutrition Site, Meals on Wheels, Tiffany Heights Nursing Home, the Mission Field, Adopt-a-Family, Back Pack Buddies, and much more!  Below are just a few of our yearly activities.  There's a place for everyone in our church.

  • Week of Compassion – We include various activities, such as Church Birthday Party, Homemade Ice Cream Social
  • Palm Sunday – Sometimes we have an all-church breakfast before services, and we had out palms to every attendee at the service. Last year we had a Mission Meal instead, and served “Breakfast for Lunch.”
  • 4th of July Parade – We usually build a float (and have won many prizes over the years)
  • Back to School – We served hotdogs, chips, cookies, and drinks for families at the Mound City School on Back to School Night
  • Baccalaureate – Church service and a special breakfast for graduating seniors
  • Market Square Day – In September on Labor Day. Church booth with bake sale and hot chicken sandwiches for lunch
  • Sports Breakfasts – We serve the Mound City School athletes before they leave for final round competitions
  • Weddings - Our exquisite sanctuary has been the setting of many beautiful weddings over the years.
  • Funeral Dinners – Our ladies have an amazing ministry in that they put together and serve a luncheon to families
  • Lord’s Acre Sale – In November to raise money for our church. It includes a bake sale, lunch, and auction.
  • Our Missions – We have been on several Mission Trips. The first was in the summer of 2013. Several of our youth and adults went to Little Ax, Oklahoma, to help with disaster relief and tornado cleanup. Then, in the summer of 2014, we were called to Pilger, Nebraska, a very small town, that was nearly wiped out by rare twin tornadoes in June. We helped with disaster relief and cleanup, and even held a community picnic and movie night (showing God’s Not Dead) for the entire town.  Since then, we have returned to Oklahoma, served in local mission work in Fairfax, Missouri, after a tornado, and been to Houston, Texas, to help with hurricane cleanup.  Our mission work is also here at home.  We have served and worked with our local communities and families as they have struggled with the disastrous flooding during the spring and summer of 2019.  Twice this past year, our church has served as a Red Cross Shelter to those forced out of their homes.  In the last year, we have expanded our mission work to help a church and community in Tororo, Uganda run by Henry Werenyalo.  Through our church, the Lord has been able to help his community with many different needs and expenses.
  • Children’s Program in December
  • Community Christmas Dinner – Served in our Fellowship Hall on Christmas Day and open to anyone in the community
  • Candlelight Service - Christmas Eve